Re[2]: "Technical Writer" en Espanol

Subject: Re[2]: "Technical Writer" en Espanol
From: Jackie Campana <jcampana -at- ARCADA -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 15:37:25 PDT

As a Spanish-speaking technical writer who travels to Colombia and
Peru, I've gotten puzzled looks when I say I'm an "escritora tecnica."

I agree with Susan's Argentinian drafter--I haven't met anyone in SA
who has heard of our occupation. I just say that I'm an "escritora"
and give a description of what I write. Then, I am usually asked, "Is
this a new field?"

Jackie Emard Campana
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Subject: Re: "Technical Writer" en Espanol
Author: Susan Gerhart <susang -at- CTIW -dot- CFER -dot- COM> at INTERNET
Date: 5/16/95 3:18 PM

According to my Argentina-born drafter, this term does not translate very
well into Spanish. He tells me that the term "tecnico" refers more to
technique than to technical. For instance, a coach is a "director tecnico."
Consequently, escritor tecnico, while a literal translation, does not
connote the intended meaning. My drafter says this phrase would be
meaningless to most listeners. This is probably further complicated by the
fact the occupation of technical writer is extremely rare if not
non-existant in SA. Perhaps one should just say they are a writer, or work
with computers, or whatever to generally describe the industry in which they

Susan Gerhart
To: Multiple recipients of list TECHWR-L
Subject: "Technical Writer" en Espanol
Date: Tue, May 16, 1995 9:07AM


From: Jane Lorenzen

According to my Spanish teacher, a native of the Dominican Republic,
/ /
it's "escritor tecnico," or "escritora tecnica" for a female.
Needs an accent mark on the "e" in "tecnico/a."

Tenga un buen viaje! (Have a good trip!)


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