Re: Manuals -> HTML?

Subject: Re: Manuals -> HTML?
From: Stephanie Goble <Stephaniex_goble -at- CCM -dot- CH -dot- INTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 18:43:53 GMT

rturnage -at- rain -dot- org (Robert Turnage) wrote:

> I'm doing a large tech manual (approx. 225 pgs) for a client who wants me
> to convert it to pages for their Web site. Half of the manual is an
> appendix with multiple tables per page. I've heard that HTML is lacking
> in this area. I have both PC and Mac environments, and own Pagemaker
> (PC/Mac), Frame4 (PC), Word (PC/Mac), and Quark (Mac). I know there are a
> lot of converters/filters out there that work, but have no firsthand
> experience. Can anyone who has experience in this area point me in the
> right direction or give me any advice?

HTML, at present, does not handle tables worth a darn :( And neither
do the converters I have encountered.

The not-so-quick and very-dirty fix I developed for Windows Help files before
they handled tables:

1. Reformat the tables with Courier until the columns fit nicely on a
screen. Adjust column width as needed. What looks good on a VGA
will look good for the majority of your users.

2. SAVE AS ASCII text with layout - this converts the table information
to spaces, preserving the columns. It also makes alterations a real
pain in the patootie.

3. Bring it into the HTML document between the <pre> and </pre> tags
so browsers won't mess it up.

4. Put in the rest of the header tags.

5. Add the required links and jumps.


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