Making Cents of the Keyboard

Subject: Making Cents of the Keyboard
From: Paul Cassidy <pcassidy -at- LYNX -dot- DAC -dot- NEU -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 10:17:32 -0500

>I would like to see the cents symbol replace the ^ (caret) symbol on the
>standard keyboard, though, and also transmit properly to my cyber
>friends. Don't you think "cents" would be used more often than "^"?

>(I almost wrote that "cents" should replace the @ symbol until I typed my
>e-mail address! Bad choice, huh?)

I find I use ^ often in writing programs. ^ means "not." So, for example,
"include everything as long as it is ^EOL" (not end of line). I don't use
"cents" that often--$0.21 works just fine.

Plus, ^ is the symbol used for the control key which, when combined with
another key, sends a command to the system in some applications. This is a
very useful key because some applications don't recognize the control key
when it is pressed. When I log into the VAX, I have to use ^ in place of
control all the time.


e-mail: pcassidy -at- lynx -dot- dac -dot- neu -dot- edu

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