Re: What's the perfect test?

Subject: Re: What's the perfect test?
From: Kelly Burhenne <burhennk -at- SMTPGW -dot- LIEBERT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 11:12:56 EST

We had a similar thread a few months ago. While I have no problem going over it
again (for the benefit of those who were not on the list a few months ago), I
would like to reiterate that there are legal implications involved in testing.
You can be sued for giving an unfair test. I don't have my data in front of me,
but if you would like what little information I have, please e-mail me.

-Kelly Burhenne
burhennk -at- liebert -dot- com
Columbus, OH

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Subject: What's the perfect test?
Author: 71220 -dot- 341 -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM at INTERNET
Date: 5/10/95 9:23 AM

I continue to be very interested in the issue of testing technical writers
during interviews. From the opinions I've gathered, it appears that testing can
be a good idea--from the viewpoints of both the potential employer and the
potential employee--but only if the test is brief, well-defined, and fair.

We've had some discussion about particular tests, mostly bad ones. Let's turn
the tables. Does anybody have specific ideas for *good* tests? Perhaps we could
start a thread for test ideas. Let's hear some ideas and evaluate them for the
above criteria. Perhaps, out of our discussions, we will carve some guidlines
for creating good tests.

- Has anybody ever taken a *good* test during an interview?
- Is anybody using a test for job candidates that seems to work well?
- Does anybody have any good ideas that they haven't tried?

<Ding!> (That's the bell sounding for round one.)

Emily Skarzenski
Head Technical Writer
Fastech, Inc. - Broomall, PA
71220 -dot- 341 -at- compuserve -dot- com

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