Re: No Such Thing as Technical Editor

Subject: Re: No Such Thing as Technical Editor
From: Karen Kay <karenk -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 22:37:41 -0700

Vince Putman said:
[quoting me]
> I would also like to know precisely how Vince thinks technical editors
> can edit without any technical knowledge?

Vince's comment:
> There is no such occupation as "Technical Editor" unless refering to the
> SME, ie; engineer.

I'm sorry. Let me check on this. You're saying there is no such
occupation as Technical Editor? Then what do you think people with
that title do? That was my original question, and that is *still* my
question. You seem to be insulting a whole occupation without
bothering to provide any grounds for denying their existence.

> I never wrote anything about the position you must hold!

Probably not. I edit translations for technical and linguistic
accuracy. I'm not a technical editor, but I have a good friend who is.

> BTW, David Demyan made the comment about Editors not writing, to
> which I responded: "I have known a few non-technical people
> who could write very well. They make good Editors of technical
> documents sometimes -- if they have a very keen sense of what
> would change the technical content."

> So there smartie pants, more FACTS.

I would like to address this last sentence in two ways. First of all,
Vince, I would like to know why, when you say something, it's FACTS,
and when I do, it's not?

Secondly, Vince, I can't begin to tell you how angry this last
sentence makes me. If we were working together and you said this, and
did not apologize for being rude and denigrating, it's the kind of
thing I would go to a supervisor over. It's the kind of statement that
smacks of sexual harrassment and makes me want to slap your face. I
certainly hope you don't say things like this to the women in your
workplace. But I bet you do.

karenk -at- netcom -dot- com

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