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From: Cont-Y <ARIA -at- VAX1 -dot- MANKATO -dot- MSUS -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 1994 18:00:01 -0600

Hi. I am a new Technical Writing Major who recently started
subscribing to this listserv in order to find out the current issues
concerning this major and the job force in general.

Coincidentally, I am also taking a Nonverbal Communications Course
that requires a 5-6 page paper on some aspect of nonverbal communication.
Earlier this quarter, I had approached the professor about doing a project
on this issue and its effects on e-mail and the internet in general.
Unfortunately, it was squashed based on the idea that written communication
(e-mail) was verbal not nonberbal. When I mentioned the use of punctuation,
she told me to think about the topic some more and come back with a more
detailed plan.

I had almost given up on the idea when I came upon the controversy
within this listserv. I started gathering information from this listserv
and presented her with the new evidence. She then gave me the "ok" to
go ahead with my project.

Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the original posting that
started the controversy in the first place. I am asking for a copy of that
message and any responses and solutions to the problem in respect to this
listserv. I understand that the conversation was heated and many may not wish
to respond to this request in this listserv. Please feel free to e-mail me
any information that may be benificial to my project including your comments.
Thanks in advance :)

Dawn Throener
Aria -at- vax1 -dot- mankato -dot- msus -dot- edu

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