Klingon E-prime?

Subject: Klingon E-prime?
From: "Craig Haggart, Accelerator Ops" <haggart -at- SSRL01 -dot- SLAC -dot- STANFORD -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 1994 15:02:58 PST

Yvonne DeGraw wrote:

> I recall reading that the person who developed the Klingon
> language for the Star Trek series and movies designed it to
> be an E-prime style language with no words for the "to be"
> verb -- that is until he was asked to translate "To be or not
> to be?" into Klingon for a recent Star Trek movie.

How about, "To exist, or not to exist? We must consider this

From Paul Trummel:

> As an example, I have written this message in e-prime and
> have not used the verb "to be."

Shouldn't this say, "I wrote this message in E-prime without using
the verb 'to be.'"? <smiley goes here -- vroom vromm SQUASH whoops!>

-Craig Haggart
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lab at SLAC
Menlo Park, California
(haggart -at- slac -dot- stanford -dot- edu)

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