Re: STC Competitions

Subject: Re: STC Competitions
From: Helena Jerney <hjerney -at- HUDSONBAY -dot- BITNET>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 1994 12:24:19 +0800

These are constructive suggestions. I would hope those of you whose
only contact with the STC is to enter competitions and then complain about
how they're run, would find some time to help the STC chapter that's running
a competition implement them.

It actually really amazes me when, every year without fail, people that
never participate in any aspect of STC come out to participate in the
competition. It seems that the time they spend writing those award-winning
materials just does not leave them with any time to contribute to
STC activities. It does, however, leave them with time to spend
griping and complaining about how those of us that do contribute *and* manage
to get our work and life done around that, do not perform that volunteer
work well enough for their taste.

Maybe they would change things a bit if they didn't feel _their_ time is
more important than the time of those of us who contribute more
than criticism.

This is a hot button with me. I've been a *very* active volunteer with
the largest chapter in the STC for five years, and for all the expectations
members have, fewer than 5% contribute to the running of the chapter and all
the events and services they expect us to coordinate and manage. However, they
do find time to analyze what we're doing wrong, or not doing, and
call or write and complain about it, _without_ volunteering to even help
implement the minutest suggestion they come up with. Quite honestly, I don't
know what anybody expects to get out of a volunteer organization they don't
put anything into except destructive criticism.

Helena Jerney
Silicon Valley Chapter
hjerney -at- novell -dot- com

> * Have a "quality monitor" person who keeps an eye on the
> comment sheets as they come in. If a judge repeatedly
> submits unacceptable comment sheets, talk with them
> about what is expected from them or replace them if
> possible.

> * Set up a schedule in which comments on different
> entries are due back in at different times. "Here's
> your entries to judge. Your comments on the first
> entry are due in N weeks, the second in 2N weeks, ..."
> This might help if the poor comments are due to
> procrastination on the part of some judges.

> * Perhaps some of the judges need a more structured
> framework in which to judge entries. That is, instead
> of handing them an entry and saying "Critique this" (if
> that's what's happening), have handouts explaining what
> to look for, sample critiques, or even a short workshop
> on how to critique.

> * Make judging more appealing. Build it up into a
> prestigious activity. Recognize the best judges as
> well as the best entries. Have people apply to become
> a judge by submitting a sample critique.

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