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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:00:14 -0500

I'm a digest subscriber so this message may be tardy but I've got two cents burning a hole in my pocket...

>rebecca rachmany" wrote. . .
> It amazes me how many of the requests for help on this list get at least one
> answer which advises the writer to get his resume together.Incidentally, it
> seems to me that many of these responses come from those who are independent
> contractors or contracting company owners, that is, those who don't have to
> deal with other people's inane decisions for longer than the lifetime of
> their current project.

I agree. Polishing your resume seems to be a pretty drastic solution for run-of-the-mill office politics and work dilemmas.

Then Andrew Plato responded...
>One of the main reasons most of us go independent is because we grow
>permanently disgusted with the childish antics of bosses who deserve to be
>executed for crimes against humanity.

I'd say the punishment doesn't quite fit the crime.

Andrew Plato also said. . .
>If you're dealing with a moron - the only way you can get away clean and not
>ruin your life is to run away. Morons will never learn, never wise-up, and
>never mature. They will defend their stupidity to the grave. Because in their
>mind, their moronic ideas are the only "correct" ideas.

>...So is the answer to fire up your resume and move? Most of the time - Hell yes.
>Why deal with morons? You have to look out for number 1.

I've worked under grants and government contracts both as a freelancer and as a salaried employee. And yes, there are stupid people everywhere but they haven't ruined my life. If I had packed up and moved on at the first sign of idiocy, I'd never have finished a project. Many of us prefer the steady income, benefits, relative stability, and long-term working relationships (and feuds) that a salaried position can provide. You establish kinship with like-minded co-workers and avoid the morons as often as possible. Running away is like letting them win. I'd do that only in the most drastic of situations.

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