RE: Word, too [was]Does Frame Suck? From a new user

Subject: RE: Word, too [was]Does Frame Suck? From a new user
From: Chris Despopoulos <cud -at- arrakis -dot- es>
To: TECHWR-L <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 15:30:18 +0200

As a Frame user just learning Word, let me say that it's
wierd, too. I suspect the lesson is, just changing from one
product to another is a real hassle.

For example, I can't delete a leading clause, plus comma,
plus first letter of the following word... This is a great
way to drop a leading clause and start the sentence with the
following clause - select and type a capital letter. But
Word expands the selection of the first letter to include
the entire word. This is one example of how Word assists
me... there are others I can't recall right now.
Assistance like this I can do without.

The number of clicks I have to go through to create a
paragraph style is astounding. No wonder voice-command has
a market.

It took me a while to find the setting that turns *off*
automatic initial capital letters - very frustrating when
documenting code!

Tables are incomprehensible. I honestly can't say anything
more about them.

Controlling the placement of graphics on a page, almost
equally so. I think I finally figured out the
terminology/UI widgets they want me to use.

Cross references... Could they be worse than tables? Why
can't I make an xref to *any* paragraph I want? Why only
headings and captions? Ok, so if I want to learn about
hidden fields (and send in enough box-tops to get my secret
decoder ring), I can put them anywhere I want. But I really
don't have enough time to work that out. And the online
docs are absolutely no help.

I'm documenting code, so I want literals to be in Courier.
I type the literal, select it and make it Courier. To get
out of Courier again, I have to select the original font all
over again. There's no way to put the cursor outside of the
Courier *region* because I suspect there is no region per
se, rather a Start Courier code with no matching End Courier
code. Likewise with other formatting such as color, etc.
This compounds my mouse-hand injuries.

Word modified my email preferences when I accidentally
clicked on a mail address in a friend's document. Isn't
that illegal? I mean, by definition, isn't it a virus when
a program modifies your data without your knowledge or
consent? Anyway, I had to re-establish my preferred mail
system, and re-enter my user name in that system's
preferences. Very bad manners!

So just going from one system to another is a hassle, no
matter which way you go.


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