Re: Linux and functionality

Subject: Re: Linux and functionality
From: "Peter G. Martin" <peter -at- access -dot- com -dot- au>
To: M Giffin <mgiffin -at- earthlink -dot- net>
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 11:00:48 +1000

At 12:12 PM 6/25/00 -0700, M Giffin wrote:
>Most UNIX hipsters I've met say LINN-ucks, but I always try to say
>LINE-ucks, for the following reasons:
>- I don't like saying LINN-ucks.
>- Linus Torvalds, with his Scandinavian accent, pronounces it something
>like LEEN-ucks. He also pronounces his own name as LEEN-us. In English, I
>have always heard Linus as LINE-us, therefore in English Linux is LINE-ux.
>- And finally, saying LINE-ux is somehow my revenge against the gods for
>inflicting the word "functionality" upon us.
Just came across this. Erk! I urge you not to surrender on either count!
When they insist on functionality, gratuitously add operationality,
institutionalisationality, leveragality, growality, interoperabilityality
and every other
inappropriate "..ality" you can find to their documents.

And wait till you see the whites of their eyes.....

Now +that's+ revenge...

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